How To Factory Reset Your Android Phone


Reset your Android device safely. Protect it from untrusted reset. How To Hard Reset. This change isn’t allowed by your Administrator Solved. ScreenLock None Option Hidden.

         As a Android user you must know that how to reset your phone. After performing factory reset all the data on the device has erase and the device will be set to factory setting as it was when you bought device. So it is known as Factory Reset. You may need to Reset/Format your smartphone because of some reasons like your device is working slow or it is affected by Virus or Malware or It is overloaded with apps or you will be selling your phone to someone else. In all those cases you need to perform factory reset. Sofia in this article we are going to learn everything about factory reset on Android smartphone. So let’s begin. There are some several ways to perform factory reset on your phone.

* Warning:
Please note that performing factory reset will completely erase all the data stored on the device including your important stuff like contacts videos photos and other things too. Don’t forget to take a backup of your important data before performing factory reset.

● Untrusted Factory Reset Protection:

There are several method to perform factory reset on Android device. Google has introduced Privacy against the Untrusted Reset to protect your device. If someone try to reset your phone with untrusted methods like by Key Combination, Recovery Mode or any other method and try to turn on the device it will ask for Gmail id and password to start the device. In this case nobody can accept your device without knowing your Gmail ID and password. In such cases only Manufacturer’s Authorised Care Centre will reset the phone after verifying the ownership by the Purchase details.

● Trusted Factory Reset:

You can remove all the data stored on the device by performing factory reset in following safe manner,
First remove the device’s screen lock and then remove the Google Account from settings.
• Open your device settings menu
Select the “Backup & Reset” option. / System –> Reset
• Tap on Factory Data Reset –> Reset phone. Enter your PIN, Pattern or Password if you are using it on your device.
• Click on Erase Everything to erase all the data stored on the device in internal storage. Put the phone to factory settings.
• Now choose Restart after the erasing process completes.
• Now set up your device and Restore your Backup Data.

● This change isn’t allowed by your Administrator:

Google recently made changes with new update to Android devices to protect them from untrusted factory reset. If someone tried to remove your Google account from your device, the message will prompt like this “This change is not allowed by your administrator.” This is the new way of protection for your Android device to prevent it from untrusted reset. If you are trying to reset your own Android phone then follow the steps below to avoid this protection.
• Go to the Security Settings
• ‎Remove the Security Screen Lock of the device & set it to None.
• ‎Remove the Fingerprint Lock If you are using it.
• ‎Now go to Accounts section and remove your Google account now. It will be removed successfully.
• ‎ Now go to Backup & Reset section and click on Erase Everything.
• ‎ Now formatting process will begin and it will take several minutes to complete.
• ‎ After that it won’t ask you about your Gmail ID and password on startup.

● How to Hard Reset your Android Device:

You can perform hard reset of any Android smartphone using a set of keys. Each Android device has a specific key combination to open the Recovery Menu from which you can format the device and erase all the data on it. Follow the steps below to perform hard reset on any Android device.
• Switch off your Android device
• Press the correct key combination at the same time and hold it until Android logo appears on the screen.
• ‎ Power Button + Volume Down + Home
• ‎Power Button + Volume Up + Home
• ‎Power Button + Volume Up
• ‎Power Button + Volume Down
Choose the appropriate key combination from the above list.

• Android logo will appear on screen after few seconds & You can access Android System Recovery Utility Menu.

• ‎From the Recovery Menu select “Wipe all the Data/Factory Reset” then select “Yes”option. Now all the data stored on the device will be erased.

● Factory Reset Your Device Remotely:

You can remotely control your device using your Google account.  You can use this option if you lost your Android device. When you sign into an Android device “Find My Device” service will be automatically turn On. To check whether find my device protection is turned on or not, Go to the Settings –> Security and click on ‘Device Administrators.” To control all the settings of your device login with your Gmail account on you can remotely erase all the data on your device. You can check the location of the device and even you can be the device too.

● Screen Lock None Option Hidden:

In some cases when you try to remove screen lock ‘None’ option is hidden. So you can’t remove screen lock from the device, at the same time if you to try to remove the Google account from the device it will show the error again as “This change isn’t allowed by your administrator. To solve this go to the Settings –> Security. Now click on “Clear Credentials” after clearing all the credentials screen lock None option will be visible. Remove the Screen Lock and then remove the Google account from the device. Now you can easily Factory Reset that phone.

In this article I have covered all the possible cases to Factory Reset your phone. If you still have any query let me know in the comments. Please share this information with others as it might be helpful to them. Keep Visiting My Blog. Stay Connected.

ColorOS 11 All The New Features You Need To Know


ColorOS is One Of The Best Highly Customisable, Well Designed User Interface Based On Android Developed By Oppo. ColorOS is Very Known User Interface For It’s Innovative & User-Friendly Features That Makes it Loved One Around The Globe. Last Year Oppo Had Launched ColorOS 7 Based On Android 10 And Now They Jumped Directly To ColorOS 11 Which Is Based On Android 11. First Of All Company Has Updated This To Flagship Smartphones Like Oppo Find X2. We Have Recived Schedule Of Beta Versions For Almost All Models And Will Be Very Soon Getting Stable Version Too. We Are Also Giving Details Here. We Are Sharing Some Important Features Of This Update. ColorOS 11 Allows Users To Customise The OS According To Their Need & Choice.

Customisable Dark Mode:

Dark Mode Has Been Introduced Last Year With Android 10 Which Was Very Popular Feature That Everyone Wants In Their Smartphone. Dark Mode Gives An Attractive Look To The Interface & Also Saves Your Smartphone’s Battery Life. Dark Mode Makes Your Overall Viewing Experience More Comfortable While Night Usage. ColorOS 11 Comes With 3 Different Contrast Levels In Dark Mode So That You Can Make Adjustment In Both Day & Night. After This Feature, Dark Mode Usage In Day Time Is More Convenient.

NearBy Share:

Data Sharing Had Been Mad Very Difficult After The Removal Of Some Popular Sharing Apps Like Shareit. Google Has Identified This Need And Introduced NearBy Share. Data Sharing Is Now Very Easy & Secure With NearBy Share. All You Have To Do Is Selection Of Flies & Just Click On NearBy Share Option. All The Nearby Devices With This Facility Will Get An Notification That You Turned On “NearBy Share.” Now Just Tap On The Name Of & Allow It To Receive The Data By By The Sender. It Shares Your Data Quickly & Securely Within Just Few Minutes No Matter Which Brands Smartphone You Are Using. As This Is A Built-n Feature Of Android, It Won’t Support Any Third-Party Ads like Shareit, Zapya, Xender etc. The Surprising Thing Is That Mobile Data Or Network Speed Are No Longer A Problem While Data Sharing. With NearBy Share You Can Share Data Between Two Devices Even If You Don’t Have An Internet Connection.

Always On Display (AOD):

I Know You Are Thinking That It’s Not A New Feature. Actually I Was Also Not Expecting Such Level Of Customisation Given Here In ColorOS 11 For Always On Display. It Comes With Variety Of AOD Designs By Default But You Caaan Also Create & Customize New AOD Styles As Per Your Choice With The Help Of The Given Elements. There Are Infinite Possibilities Of Designs. You Can Create Tons Of Designs In This FeatureWhich Makes It Very Impressive.

Artistic Wallpapers:

Oppo Partnerred Artists Aroud The Globe To Capture Beautiful Nature & Share With Us With This Project. You Can Also Capture & Customize Wallpaers Of Yoour Choice. Use Unique Wallpapers Everyday.

Flex Drop (Floating Windows):

With Flex Drop Feature In ColorOS, Our Multi-Tasking Experience Is Very Close To What We Are Getting In Computers. It Is The New Form Of Floating Windows Option Which Lets You To Use Any App In Floating Window & You Can Move It Anywhere On The Screen. Just Hod On App Window & Drag It On Left Side Of The Scrreen, This Option Allows You To Access It Easily. Keep Eye On Any App Activity With “Mini Window” Feature. It Will Popup The Small Floating Window On Top Left Of The Screen. To Enable It, Open Recent Apps And Check The Menu Options Of The App. Try it & Write Us In Comments If You Like it.

Three Fingers Translate:

This Amazing Unique Feature We Are Getting In ColorOS 11 Is PossibleJust Because Of Deepest Collaberation Of OPPO With Google. This is The Main Reason Why Oppo Jumped From ColorOS 7 To Direcly ColorOS 11. We Already Know The Popular Feature Of Oppo Smartphones “Three Finger Screenshot”, It Is Updated With Capabilities To Translate The Content On The Screen In Any Language Without Opening Google Translate. Just Holld Down Three Fingers Simultaneously On The Screen & Select The Portion Which You Wanna Translate. Now You Will Get Translate OPtion In THe Bottom Menu. Select The Language & See The Results On The Same Screen. You Can Also Access This Feature From “Smart Slidebar”

Private System:

Have You Heard About App Cloning? Here In ColorOS We Are Getting “System Cloner” Option In Privacy Settings Of The Device. With This You Can Clone The Device & It Clones The System For You. Set Seperate Fingerprints & Lockscreen Passwords To Enter This “Private System.” Seperate You Personal Life & Professional Life With This Private System & Hide All Your Smartphone Data From All. You Will Get Newly Setup Device Here. Only Users With Password Can Enter This Mode From Your Lockscreen. So Never Share Your Screen Lock With Anyone.

Currently Stable Version Of ColorOS 11 is Only Available On OPPO Find X2 & Some Popular Smartphones Like Oppo Reno 4 Pro, Oppo Reno 3 Pro & Oppo F17 Pro Got The Beta Version Update Of It . All Major Devices Of Oppo Will Be Getting This Update Very Soon. You Can Check For it From Software Update Section Of Your Device. Check The “Trial Version” Section in it, Register Your Update Slot So That Your Device Will Get Update. Stay Tuned For More Information.